Anthony Galluscio Hiking Gear Review #2: Compression Shorts

Anthony Galluscio’s Compression Shorts Review

  • Item: Compression Shorts
  • Quantity: 2
  • Make: Nike
  • Model: Pro Combat (long)
  • Cost: $20/each
  • Weight: 2.38 oz each
  • Rating: Poor
  • Notes: I wore these shorts that supposedly fit up to 3 inches larger than my waist size. However, they are too tight for hiking. About one day into the hike my left leg started to go numb due to pressure on my lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. As a result, I cut the band with a knife, which helped tremendously but ruined the shorts. That was five months ago and I am just starting to get the feeling back in my leg. This is not a general complaint about Nike. I have a lot of Nike gear that I like. Rather, I think that I would avoid wearing tight compression shorts when hiking, independent of the brand.
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