2019 Annual Camper Maintenance

2019 Camper Maintenance

My son, Bobby, came home October 10-11 2019 to help me do the required maintenance on our 2015 Jayco Jay Flight 23RB Travel Trailer for a celebration we had in Orlando for my son, Stevie’s, 21st birthday. This year we were a bit late doing the maintenance, but better late than never. We basically followed the same list that we created last year.

Here are some stats on our camper:

  • Years Owned: 4 years
  • Total Mileage: 15168 miles
  • Total Nights Camping: 161 Nights Camping

For the record, here is a list of all of the systems on which we performed preventative maintenance:

System Tasks Notes


Configured backup assist N/A. In my opinion this is a complete waste.
Removed Gear Rust Sprayed with PB Blaster
Lubricated ball and sway connectors Used standard grease.


 Inspect  Hoses, connectors, and tanks in good repair
 Clean  N/A
 Refill  N/A. Need to fill before trip.


 Inspect  Noticed even more rust. Need to plan some time to work on this.


 Inspect Seams  Last year we repaired with Eternabond tape and it is holding nicely.
 Repair issues  N/A. Eternabond done.


 Inspect  Significant rust. Considering replacing when these become unserviceable.
 Lubricate  Sprayed liberally with PB Blaster.


Paint  N/A. Did not paint steps.
 Lubricate hinges  Sprayed hinges with PB Blaster.

Fresh Water

 Sanitize  Followed recommended procedure to drain, sanitized, flush, and refill the fresh water system. I may write a separate blog detailing that process.

Septic system

Clean tank Tank has been kept very clean over the last year so no action necessary.
Sanitize gear Gear was kept clean over the last year so no action was necessary.

Hot Water (Gas)

Test striker Lit and ran hot water heater on gas. Removed wasp nests
Clean Cleaned using vacuum and compressed air

Refrigerator (Gas)

Test striker Lit and ran refrigerator on gas. Cleaned out wasp nests
Clean Cleaned using vacuum and compressed air

Stove (Gas)

Test striker Lit and ran stove on gas

Air Conditioner

Inpect and Clean filter Internal parts are starting to rust. Unit is not running as efficiently.


Clean Sprayed with LA’s Totally Awesome to kill mildew
Inspect Some rust on screw heads, etc.
Lubricate Sprayed liberally all joints and moving parts with silicone lubricant.


Inspect Inspected rubber, hubs, and suspension. No issues.
Grease hubs Dexter EZ-Lube hubs were easy to re-grease by following instructions on YouTube.

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