Anthony Galluscio Hiking Gear Review #9: Sleeping Bag

Anthony Galluscio Sleeping Bag Review

  • Item: Sleeping Bag
  • Quantity: 1
  • Make: Marmot
  • Model: Quark 30F Down Sleeping Bag, Long Size, Cinder/Citronelle
  • Cost: $385.90
  • Weight: 27.875 oz
  • Notes:  I embarked on my Foothills Trail adventure in early September. It was still quite warm with the potential to get cool at night. This was the perfect bag for that trip because it is comfortable to sleep in or on depending on your needs. On my thru-hike, it turned out to be rather warm and I found sleeping on this bag to be very comfortable. The bag packs up very small and does not add too much pack weight.

Since returning from the foothills trail I have had the opportunity to use this sleeping bag on a winter trip in the Florida Panhandle.  You can see my blog from that trip at: On that hike it was rather cool at night (in the 40s F) and I was very comfortable.

  • Pros:  Comfortable in warm or cool weather, light weight, very well constructed, packs up small.
  • Cons: May not really keep you warm under 40 degrees F.
  • Rating: Excellent
  • Link:

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